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  1. Does “Business and Beyond” guarantee the number of leads / requirements that would be generated?
  • No. Business and Beyond is just a platform wherein business posts their requirements thus generating leads for one another. The platform does not guarantee any fixed number of leads in a tenure nor does it guarantee the conversion of those leads.


  1. Would there be any physical meetings of members of “Business and Beyond”?
  • There would be no periodic / regular meetings as  part of the membership program. This portal has been developed in order to overcome the difficulties of travelling for regular meets thus saving time, money and energy. Business and Beyond might organise get-to-gathers once in a while so that members get to know each other.


  1. If there are 2 regular members for a category in two different chapters, and a third member in the same category wants to join as a platinum member, how does it work?
  • The third prospective member can take the platinum membership wherein he gets the membership of all the chapters for the next 365 days except the first 2 chapters. The first 2 chapters will have regular members who have joined.


  1. What happens if I do not respond to a lead?
  • If the lead is not accepted in 24 hours, it goes to Bulletin board where in members of that category from all the chapters can take the lead. Hence, we suggest you to have a look at your dashboard on a daily basis.


  1. Is there any refund of the membership fee under any circumstance?
  • No. The membership fee will not be refunded under any circumstance.


  1. Are the leads generated only by members?
  • The leads can be generated by members as well as the outside world. Non-members can log in as guest and post requirements on Business and Beyond.



  1. What happens if I do not have adequate points when there is a lead given to me?
  • Minimum 100 points are needed to accept the lead. If you do not have sufficient points, please post a valid requirement or refer a person for membership to “Business and Beyond “ to earn points and then take your lead.


  1. Are there any mandatory trainings to be attended?
  • No.


  1. Are there any hidden charges apart from the membership fee?
  • No.


  1. If there is no relevant category for my business, how do I proceed to become a member?


  1. Are guests charged any fee when they take / post a requirement?
  • No.


  1. Can the same entrepreneur represent more than one category in Business and Beyond?
  • Yes. He / she has to take separate memberships for each category and provide a unique mobile numbers and emails ids for each of his / her businesses.


  1. Can multiple members take the same lead posted on Bulletin board?
  • Yes.


  1. What happens in case if a business requirement is passed but there is no member of that category in Business and Beyond?
  • This requirement would be visible on our home page under the “Business Requirements” table and is accessible to non-members.


  1. How does the point structure work in Business and Beyond?
  • You get 500 points for regular and 2000 points for platinum membership referrals
  • You get 100 points when you post a requirement within your chapter.
  • You get 50 points when you post a requirement outside your chapter / bulletin board even when there is a member of that category in your chapter.
  • You get 100 points when you post a requirement outside your chapter /bulletin board when there is no member of that category in your chapter
  • You get additional 100 points when the requirement posted by you is closed.
  • You spend 100 points when you take a lead.


  1. Does Business and Beyond help me in my personality development for business growth?
  • Our regular “Networking tips!”would help in your personality development for business growth.


  1. Can I select my chapter while joining Business and Beyond? If yes, how?
  • Yes. You can see the profile of chapters and its members before making a selection.


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