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Terms and Conditions


  1. The annual membership fee, whether Premium or Regular, once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
  2. Any misuse or unethical use of the web platform of ‘Business and Beyond’ by any member can lead to the termination of the individual/company’s membership.
  3. 'Business and Beyond’ does not have to provide any explanation or prior notice before terminating the membership of any of its member.
  4. The membership of any individual/company can be terminated by ‘Business and Beyond’ without any prior notice or explanation.
  5. In case of regular complaints from other members on product/service quality issues of a member or any reports of unethical practices in business, can lead to the termination of the membership of the later.
  6. 'Business and Beyond’ can reject the application for membership without providing any explanation for the same.
  7. In case a member is not providing any referral or posting any business requirements on the ‘Business and Beyond’ Web platform for more than 3 months, the membership can be terminated and the category can be shown as vacant in that particular chapter so that we provide an opportunity for any other business professional to add value to the system.
  8. 'Business and Beyond’ does not guarantee any business to any of its members and can not be held responsible for business by any of its members.
  9. The membership payments should be done online directly to the current account of ‘Business and Beyond’. The membership is accepted only after the payment is received by ‘Business and Beyond’.
  10. 'Business and Beyond’ is not responsible if payments are given to any third party for the annual membership to ‘Business and Beyond'.   

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