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Terms of Use


  1. ‘Business and Beyond’ is a platform designed to help business owners to get business referrals and hence we expect business owners to post their referrals or requirements in the web portal. Any misuse of this platform which can disorient the basic intent of this web platform will be viewed seriously and can also lead to the termination of the membership of an individual/company from ‘Business and Beyond'.   
  2. In case a member does not provide referrals or post requirements for 3 months in a row, the membership in such case can be terminated without any prior notice or explanation.
  3. Members are expected to refer and bring in quality members in to the group of 'Business and Beyond’ as we believe that more quality members would translate to more and more business exchange among business owners.
  4. In case a member is unable to receive a referral given by a co member because of lack of points balance in his account, the referral would move to the Bulletin Board which will then be visible to all the members across chapters.
  5. In case there is a referral given by a member to a particular category of business which is vacant in all its chapters in the given city, then the referral would move to the home page wherein it would be visible to non members too.
  6. Members would get 100 points for every valid requirement that they post and it would cost them 100 points to take/receive a referral. In case a referral is given to a cross chapter member though there is a member in that category in the same chapter, the referral points earned would be 50 and not 100. this is to encourage business within the chapter. This does not mean we should not be doing business with cross chapter members but emphasises the priority to grow new own chapter as much s possible.
  7. A member is entitled to 500 points for regular and 2000 points for platinum membership referral.

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